Brian and I have a shared value system: to help clients make informed decisions while employing great customer service. As a result, I consistently refer clients to Advanced Retirement Planning. The ARP team is timely with communication and always treats my clients with the respect and service they deserve. Brian’s advisors take special care to help them clearly understand their options. The level of integrity that Brian personally brings to the financial profession is remarkable.

Amy Hentschel – Senior Provisions – Atlanta, GA

Advanced Retirement Planning is different from other financial firms because of its personal touch. As far as I’m concerned, there are no other financial planners in the industry. When you have concerns, Brian and his team are available with straight answers and will not waste time in finding a solution. I refer many of my friends, and they are always glad to do business with him. Once you’re a client of his, you’re a client for life.

Mark Chambers – Jackson, GA

For the past two years, I have referred clients to Advanced Retirement Planning. Brian and his team are extremely reliable, trustworthy and prompt. The ARP team puts the needs and interests of clients ahead of their own, which is important to me. I deal with stressed and overwhelmed families that deserve an advisor who cares. Brian is a thoughtful, personable and generous person whom I can trust completely with my clients.

Caroline Ventry – A Place for Mom – Atlanta, GA

In my first conversation with the staff of Advanced Retirement Planning, I could tell immediately that they were service-oriented. The personal concern and commitment of their advisors and staff makes ARP different from other financial firms. Talking with Brian is like talking to a family friend; there is no pressure, no salesmanship and no obligation. I tend to be a professional worrier, and the responsive staff members of ARP always take the time to fully explain the particulars of my financial plan. I have never been to the office for a meeting: an advisor comes personally to my home at my convenience. People are vulnerable as they grow older, but Brian and his team treat each customer with respect . This level of caring and customer service is unparalleled in today’s financial services industry.

Richard Taylor – Rex, GA