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ARP’s Covington Office Painted Pink to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Ribbon cutting 2ARP’s Covington Office Painted Pink to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Advanced Retirement Planning is going all out to bring attention to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. On Sept. 30, the ARP office at 6140 Hannah St. in Covington unveiled its bright pink building, to draw attention to and raise money for breast cancer research.

The rosy hue will remain on the nearly 2,000-square-foot building throughout October.

“We wanted to do something different to help people remember that October is decided toward breast cancer awareness,” said founder Brian Byars. “We thought it was a great way to drive some of the attention to the cause.”

About 95 percent of ARP’s business is referral-based, and during October, for every new client, Byars will donate $25 to breast cancer research. ARP will also make an additional donation for every “like” on its Facebook page this month (

The focus on breast cancer has a personal side, as several ARP clients and family members have battled the disease, including Byars’ mother. Nearly 9,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually in Georgia.

Lelia Raines, 56, a grandmother and ARP client, was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago and underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and reconstructive surgery.

“Anything that makes the public more aware and to remind them to do self-exams and mammograms, I’m all for it,” she said. “The pink office is going to be in your face, and you cannot ignore it. It just really touches me that people are working so hard to make the public more aware about breast cancer.”

The donations will benefit groups such as the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition, which provides education and advocacy for […]

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Fox5 Interviews Brian Byars

Brian Byars interviewed by Dana Fowle on Fox 5 News.

ATLANTA – OK, listen up.  If you haven’t received a pitch yet for what is being touted as a great, new investment opportunity. Well just wait, you probably will.

Investment scams for marijuana stocks are coming to an inbox near you.  The I-Team’s Dana Fowle is here with the latest get rich quick scheme.

I know, you’re thinking marijuana?  Why marijuana?  Well – because medical marijuana is now legal in almost 20 states.  Scammers know this is a growing field, so they’ve jumped  in.

They make these “Get in on the ground floor” investment offers with promises, like stock that should “Double its price soon!”

Well, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – be very, very careful. There are legitimate investment opportunities, but you should know the red flags for a bad deal.  We talked to a Covington financial planner who offers up this advice:  click the link below to watch the full interview.

Your marijuana investment could go up in smoke

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Honorable Mention in Financial Planning’s Pro Bono Awards

We are so proud to have received an Honorable Mention in Financial Planning‘s Pro Bono Awards!

This annual awards program, conducted in partnership with the Foundation for Financial Planning, recognizes the community work of advisors across the country. Brian Byars was selected for an Honorable Mention for his work as a certified police instructor conducting training programs and financial planning seminars for public safety departments throughout Georgia . Advanced Retirement Planning has also pledged that veterans will never be turned away.

Professional recognition validates one of our core principles here at Advanced Retirement Planning: outstanding service to our clients and our community!

Read the full article here!

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An Evening with Terry Bradshaw

As I am sitting on a plane coming back from our family vacation with four hours to kill in this really comfortable seat, I started thinking about what to write this month for ARP’s blog. After such a wonderful week with my wife and kids, I started to reflect on positive and unique experiences I have had.

Several advisors and I were at a conference a couple of months back in Las Vegas where we had the honor of hearing NFL legend Terry Bradshaw speak. I have to confess, I was very curious as to what the topic would be at a financial conference. And, while I’m being honest, I’m still not sure exactly what it was.

If you have never heard Terry speak, try to imagine someone with ADD, slamming energy drinks and eating sugar. You have to strap in and hold on!

While he bounced between stories of growing up in Louisiana and chasing chickens as a child, to playing professional football, to discussing several marriages, and on to discussing his current career, there was a constant message throughout: BE GRATEFUL and THANKFUL!

With all the energy of a six-year-old locked in a candy store, he explained his morning ritual of opening his eyes, placing both feet on the ground while sitting, raising his hands and screaming “Thank you for another day!” What a way to start the morning and set the pace for your attitude that day. No matter what is going on in your life, there are so many great things.

My wife loves to say “Life Is Good!” and she is so right! We have our problems like anyone else, but focus on what you learn from these challenges.

Over the last several months, I […]

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Life Lessons from Duck Dynasty

Life Lessons from Duck Dynasty

By Brian Byars

Over eight million people have watched the second season premiere of Duck Dynasty, A&E’s hit show about the Robertson family business: duck calls.  The bad news is that the season is over; luckily, I have the first and second season recorded on my DVR to watch!

I feel the show has a lot to offer to its fans, and there are many lessons to take away each week. Whether it is the value of family and friends, or just to be happy with life, there always seemed to be several hidden messages delivered between Uncle Si’s punch lines.

The biggest thing that I have been reminded of each week is that the American Dream is alive and well!

In an interview with Larry King, the Robertson family explained the reasons for the family hierarchy of Duck Commander, a household name in the hunting world. Phil Robertson, the founder of the company, explained that his son, Willie, had business sense at a young age. In elementary school, he often bought candy from WalMart to sell on the playground at competitive prices. The principal eventually shut down his enterprise, but Phil was proud: “I thought, ‘Willie is the future CEO of Duck Commander.”

It is nice to see that during some of the most trying times in our country’s history and economy, the importance of family has not been diminished. A good idea – paired with hard work and values – can still create success in this country.  This knowledge, along with continued seasons of Duck Dynasty, makes me feel better about our future.


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