Brian Byars interviewed by Dana Fowle on Fox 5 News.

ATLANTA – OK, listen up.  If you haven’t received a pitch yet for what is being touted as a great, new investment opportunity. Well just wait, you probably will.

Investment scams for marijuana stocks are coming to an inbox near you.  The I-Team’s Dana Fowle is here with the latest get rich quick scheme.

I know, you’re thinking marijuana?  Why marijuana?  Well – because medical marijuana is now legal in almost 20 states.  Scammers know this is a growing field, so they’ve jumped  in.

They make these “Get in on the ground floor” investment offers with promises, like stock that should “Double its price soon!”

Well, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – be very, very careful. There are legitimate investment opportunities, but you should know the red flags for a bad deal.  We talked to a Covington financial planner who offers up this advice:  click the link below to watch the full interview.

Your marijuana investment could go up in smoke