As I am sitting on a plane coming back from our family vacation with four hours to kill in this really comfortable seat, I started thinking about what to write this month for ARP’s blog. After such a wonderful week with my wife and kids, I started to reflect on positive and unique experiences I have had.

Several advisors and I were at a conference a couple of months back in Las Vegas where we had the honor of hearing NFL legend Terry Bradshaw speak. I have to confess, I was very curious as to what the topic would be at a financial conference. And, while I’m being honest, I’m still not sure exactly what it was.

If you have never heard Terry speak, try to imagine someone with ADD, slamming energy drinks and eating sugar. You have to strap in and hold on!

While he bounced between stories of growing up in Louisiana and chasing chickens as a child, to playing professional football, to discussing several marriages, and on to discussing his current career, there was a constant message throughout: BE GRATEFUL and THANKFUL!

With all the energy of a six-year-old locked in a candy store, he explained his morning ritual of opening his eyes, placing both feet on the ground while sitting, raising his hands and screaming “Thank you for another day!” What a way to start the morning and set the pace for your attitude that day. No matter what is going on in your life, there are so many great things.

My wife loves to say “Life Is Good!” and she is so right! We have our problems like anyone else, but focus on what you learn from these challenges.

Over the last several months, I remind myself of all the blessings that I have been given. My family, friends, clients, my peers, I love them all! I have been honored to receive some significant professional awards this past year and, without being around such smart and talented people, it would never be possible.

I would stand up and scream “Thank you for another day!” right now. But, I have a feeling there might be Air Marshals on this flight who would not find the humor in it.

So I will just type a quick, “Thank you for everything and life is good!”

Take time to enjoy it, take time to scream “Thank You!”