Life Lessons from Duck Dynasty

By Brian Byars

Over eight million people have watched the second season premiere of Duck Dynasty, A&E’s hit show about the Robertson family business: duck calls.  The bad news is that the season is over; luckily, I have the first and second season recorded on my DVR to watch!

I feel the show has a lot to offer to its fans, and there are many lessons to take away each week. Whether it is the value of family and friends, or just to be happy with life, there always seemed to be several hidden messages delivered between Uncle Si’s punch lines.

The biggest thing that I have been reminded of each week is that the American Dream is alive and well!

In an interview with Larry King, the Robertson family explained the reasons for the family hierarchy of Duck Commander, a household name in the hunting world. Phil Robertson, the founder of the company, explained that his son, Willie, had business sense at a young age. In elementary school, he often bought candy from WalMart to sell on the playground at competitive prices. The principal eventually shut down his enterprise, but Phil was proud: “I thought, ‘Willie is the future CEO of Duck Commander.”

It is nice to see that during some of the most trying times in our country’s history and economy, the importance of family has not been diminished. A good idea – paired with hard work and values – can still create success in this country.  This knowledge, along with continued seasons of Duck Dynasty, makes me feel better about our future.