adam hultman

Adam Hultman


Offering over 12 years experience in financial services, Adam is driven by personal experience: “I was put on this planet to help others solve problems. It’s my passion; I’m obsessed with it. After witnessing the hardships, confusion, and stress resulting from family members that were unaware of the advantages and options available through the creative and practical use of life insurance and asset-protection strategies to protect mortgages and assets, I became driven to educate as many people as I can about their varied options for protecting their families and businesses. Similarly, I became aware that many people who had relied solely upon hope in the financial markets to ensure their retirement security found themselves in distress in retirement, thus I am driven to help families and individuals avoid retirement pitfalls through the creative use of insured retirement income streams based upon sound planning.”

Adam has a belief system about money and retirement planning that is often counter to the mainstream culture: “The number one problems my clients face in retirement is the uncertainty that their money will last for their lifetime, and the fear of not having sufficient assets if they need long-term care. Often this is due to their simply being unaware that they have choices for their retirement income that are not dependent upon the boom and bust cycle of the financial markets, and a variety of long-term care planning options that can protect their savings if they need care. I seek to bring options – and certainty – to my clients.”

Brian Byars, Founder of Advanced Retirement Planning adds: “Adam believes from the bottom of his heart that you must do right by people and that is why he is so highly referred by professionals and existing clients.”

Regardless of your situation, there is always room for improvement. Find out why Adam’s approach to family and retirement security is creating an enthusiastic client base and why his clients use him as a dependable resource for themselves and their loved ones planning needs.

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